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White Scars Army Offer

White Scars Army Offer

Posted on Oct 27, 14 By w40admin

“For the Khan, and the Emperor!”
The WHITE SCARS are masters of hit-and-run warfare. They emphasise speed and elusiveness; striking hard into the enemy’s heart before withdrawing to strike once again from another angle.
Their true strength lies in their unpredictability. The White Scars – like all Space Marines - are experts in the many facets of warfare. None can match their deftness in applying rapidly-changing tactics to the task at hand. Where other chapters may specialise towards stubborn resilience, airborne assaults or analytic prowess, the White Scars have no need to rely upon overarching strategy.
They are truly free – the white-armoured champions of mankind – riding against the grim tides of darkness that envelop an unforgiving universe of eternal war.

WARHAMMER 40,000: REGICIDE is offering you the chance to claim the free-spirited White Scars army content as a bonus for signing up – fast! Simply register your game account at before the game launches.

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