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Unique Faction Abilities: Feature Showcase

Unique Faction Abilities: Feature Showcase

Posted on Apr 27, 16 By hammerfalleve

Hey guys,


With our iOS launch rapidly approaching, we’re sharing all the exciting new features and content that will be coming for Regicide players across all platforms.


We thought it would be great for our community to hear a bit more in depth directly from the dev team about these updates, so we can hopefully answer any questions you might have and keep you up to date in this exciting time!


Today I’m going to be diving into one of the biggest, game-changing upcoming features - unique faction abilities.


As it stands, all Orks and all Space Marines had the same abilities. Space Marines are best suited to the more methodical, calculated player whereas Ork players tend to favour explosive damage and risk/reward tactics. In Regicide, you’re generally either an Ork player or a Space Marine player and some would say it reveals a lot about your personality!


This is all about to change and become significantly more nuanced with unique faction abilities. Now players will not only find the race, but the army whose abilities best suit their playstyle. We’re opening up a world of new tactical opportunities!


For example, we’ve incorporated the Raven Guard’s stealth tactics into their performance on the battlefield through a cloaking ability. In lieu of the statically defensive “Go To Ground”, Raven Guard favor an offensive cloaking ability which renders them immune to targeted abilities for a short time. Remember, Raven Guard’s are immune to target abilities but not invulnerable. A calculated area of effect attack will draw the unit out of stealth allowing for subsequent attacks.




On the Ork side, the fearsome Snakebites experience a buff in strength to show off their melee capabilities. The Shoota Boy, Storm Boy & Loota all have increased strength.


I’ve managed to sneak away some screenshots from the game that look into the faction statistics of some of our armies. Enjoy!


So, any ideas which army will become your main when the update goes live?


Ally | Producer


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