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Posted on May 02, 16 By hammerfalleve

Hey Guys,


With the advent of iOS we have some awesome new and improved features for Regicide coming to both PC and Apple platforms. One of our favorites and a definite must for us was cross-platform play and account sharing. Now users on PC can play those on an Apple device and vice versa! Not only that, but users can start a game on their PC and continue the very same game on the go with their phone or tablet complete with all the factions and abilities they’ve earned!


To facilitate seamless cross-platform play we’ve had to rethink a lot about the game, how it looks and feels, performance Vs fidelity, progression and unlocks and of course matchmaking. Now that you’re out and about there is good chance your connection won’t always be stable so our traditional 3 minute match timer just won't do. So in addition to the “live” match system we’ve created an “asynchronous” game mode for both Classic and Regicide Multiplayer matches.


In an asynchronous match users have 24 hours to respond to their opponent’s move before they forfeit and there is no need for both players to be connected simultaneously at anytime. This means players from completely different time zones can compete on a truly global leaderboard. Players can now host up to five of asynchronous games in addition to joining other player’s asynchronous or live matches, they can progress the match and leave at anytime, anywhere.


Live matches will still be accessible from both devices for the hardcore player who wants the pressure of responding to actions within a limited window, just remember leaving at anytime will count as a forfeit and you miss out of the extra XP that comes with taking down as many of the enemy as you can!


Speaking of XP, everything you earn on one device will be shared across every device you own! That includes new factions with their awesome new rules, campaign progress, ability unlocks tier rewards and the delicious requisition that comes with crushing puny humies #grotlife! We’ve wanted to keep Regicide as accessible to everyone as possible from the start and we really think we’ve done that by having progress shared across any platform that supports Regicide.


We’re really excited to bring you this major update as well as a host of other great content with this release! Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about brand new content.





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