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Posted on May 12, 16 By hammerfalleve

Hey guys!


Here's a detailed look at the in-game content available since our iOS launch and PC update and how it all works for you.


As of May 19th, we introduced a brand new faction, environment and 20 new campaign missions. These are all entirely new DLC items we created in response to community interest! Currently, you can pick up these items in the in-game store totally free until May 30th. Once you unlock this content, it's yours to keep and is permanently linked to your Regicide account. This means that even if you switch platforms or devices, your content will always be available when you log in.


Here's exactly what this content entails:


Campaign: Da Green Tide

Da Green Tide is a 20 mission prequel campaign, exploring the story of Regicide’s antagonist, the Ork Warboss Gob Klaw. Regicide’s initial 50 mission campaign raised some compelling questions, and the story develops further in our first ever campaign DLC written by acclaimed Warhammer author Aaron Dembsky Bowden (of Black Library fame).




Faction: Blood Axes Ork Clan

With the introduction of unique faction abilities, the much-requested Blood Axes Ork Clan became an exciting reality. Infamous for their camouflage, tactical approach to battles and use of Kommando units, this clan has the strength and aggression of the Orks with the strategic abilities of the Space Marines. The Blood Axes are an exciting DLC addition to Regicide for players with a mixed playstyle.




Environment: The Imperial Garrison

Regicide’s environments range from ancient forests to towering cathedrals, and become even more diverse with the Imperial Garrison DLC. The long abandoned garrison features fallen statues, trenches and ominous search lights for those fans of a moodier battleground.




These items are additions to what is already included in the game. For a full list, here's what you get when you pick up Regicide for PC or iOS:

  • 50 mission single player campaign
  • 3 environments, each with multiple atmospheric settings
  • Cinematic models and cameras
  • Stunt-choreographed motion capture animations
  • Online multiplayer
  • Asynchronous matches
  • Unique chapters and clans, each with their own stats and play style
  • Space Marine - Blood Angels
  • Space Marine - Raven Guard
  • Ork - Goffs
  • Ork - Snakebites
  • Random Map rotations
  • Cross-platform play
  • Universal accounts

Our current online store consists of:

  • Ork - Bad Moons (40,000 Forum Honour Points or 99c)
  • Ork - Evil Sunz (6000 Req points, or 99c)
  • Ork - Death Skulls (6000 Req points, or 99c)
  • Space Marine - Dark Angels (6000 Req points, or 99c)
  • Space Marine - Space Wolves (6000 Req points, or 99c)
  • Space Marine - Ultramarines (6000 Req points, or 99c)

New DLC - Currently free forever if unlocked before the 30th May 2016

  • Ork - Blood Axes (10000 Req points, or 99c)
  • Environment - Imperial Garrison (99c)
  • Campaign - Da Green Tide (99c)

Everything that is needed for multiplayer will always be unlockable with req points or free. The only DLC that can only be acquired for 99c is single player or cosmetic only. No paywalls, No pay-to-win. Victory can only be achieved through skill and strategy for all.

See you on the battlefield!

Ally | Producer

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