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Random Map Rotation

Random Map Rotation

Posted on May 17, 16 By w40admin

Greetings Kingslayers!

With iOS well underway, we are showcasing the new features and content that will be arriving on all platforms.

After many requests and successful playtesting, we’re introducing the random map rotation.
Taking the best campaign scenarios and adapting them for multiplayer, these 5 new exciting map layouts will available in multiplayer, skirmish and friend challenges.

Now I’ll take a moment to look at some of the new maps and some of the initial strategies we’ve found with to be effective in them.

Map 1: Carbon Frame
This map breaks the map into 3 clear columns and I found myself relying heavily on the knights and rooks, who have a pretty easy time moving around as the central terrain chunks disrupted the movement of bishops and queens.
Rushing pawns along the edges was really effective for getting in early grenades and letting the rooks loose.

Map 2: Iron Cage
Where carbon frame encouraged the use of pawns and rooks, Iron cage is all about the diagonal play. Bishops and Queens are great for taking advantage of the diagonal gaps in the terrain and quickly assaulting or retreating.

I found hit and run tactics worked really well on this map, charging in with a bishop or queen, then pulling back behind cover and heal up and before the next assault, with the knights hoping about for support.

It’s worth saving your centre pawns for countering any bishops / queens your opponent throws in the center. After damaging the corners I found sending rooks in to mop up worked well.

That’s it for this post.
I’m really looking forward to seeing players to find their own unique playstyles and seeing the new player made strategies emerging from each map.

Until next time!

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