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Dev Diary: Community Interaction

Dev Diary: Community Interaction

Posted on Nov 24, 15 By w40admin

This week’s blog post is written by yours truly, Andrew. I’m known as Hammerfall: Savark on the forums and you’ll usually see me answering questions and responding to community requests. If you’ve sent a question or made a report to our inbox then there's a good chance I was the person who got back to you! I’ve been a hobbyist for almost ten years now and have too many boxes of unpainted Warhammer 40,000 models.

This week I’ll be chatting about Hammerfall Publishing’s method of communicating with the our userbase. We here at Hammerfall Publishing take our community’s request and feedback very seriously, our entire team is on the forums regularly and I personally am on them almost the entire time I’m in office, unless I’m sneaking in a game of Regicide which I often am.

Our community team’s job is to ensure the community is aware of what we are working on, unless that’s classified of course, and that no question goes unanswered and if we can’t answer it, because the answer is a secret, then we do our best to at least acknowledge it. We value anyone who takes the time to get in contact with us.

As a team we try to be very active on the forums and make sure our users and those curious about us are as informed as they can possibly be, the Community Team’s job is to provide information and foster the community after all. By being as many places as we can be, Steam, the forums, Facebook and beyond, we want people to know that we will happily and eagerly provide information and assistance whenever we can!

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