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Dev Diary: From Community to Game

Dev Diary: From Community to Game

Posted on Nov 18, 15 By w40admin

This week’s blog post is written by yours truly, Andrew. I’m known as Hammerfall: Savark on the forums and you’ll usually see me answering questions and responding to community requests. If you’ve sent a question or made a report to our inbox then there's a good chance I was the person who got back to you! I’ve been a hobbyist for almost ten years now and have too many boxes of unpainted Warhammer 40,000 models.

Greetings loyal Imperial citizens!
This week I’ll be chatting about the process of how community ideas go through the community team to the Design team and maybe into the game.
For those of you that don’t know, the team that worked on Warhammer 40,000: Regicide is a small indie team and by turning around I can see everyone who is still working on the game, so if I find something fun and interesting the whole team knows about it in seconds.
One of the things Hammerfall Publishing prides itself on is that we adamantly listen to the community and actively take their suggestions into consideration.

We get many suggestions every week, these ideas range from fun but impractical to basically genius and you can bet we read through every single one of them, my mornings start out with me jumping on the forums and running through them, reading each and every thread.
While this is my job, I’m not the only person on the team that frequents the forums.
Nearly everyone on the team regularly visits both the forums on our website as well as those on Steam to see what the community is discussing. We make sure we know what people are asking for and thinking about our game because there is no point making changes to the game if people don’t want it changed.

To further this process, at the end every week I will write up a big list of things that have been discussed in the community, this is a more recent practice but one that get’s the whole team up to date on the state of the community. This includes community discussions and suggestions in a summary and if anyone on the team asks more I simply direct them straight to the conversation in question.
This let's the team know about every suggestion and request that has been made by the community in a neat, organized and easy to locate fashion so know that we're constantly keeping tabs on these things!

If a certain suggestion ignites much excitement in the whole team then the designers will write it down with some thoughts to work on at a later date, if it’s a quick fix (such as changing the range of Bolt pistols from 3 to 2 or back) then they might simply go into the game files and switch it up. Otherwise development time might mean the suggestion sits in production for many months.
The fastest suggestion to go from community to game was Hotseat mode (Local Multiplayer) which was asked for overwhelmingly by the community and we put that feature in as fast as we possibly could, we actually had it sitting ready for a week just waiting for the patch to go live.

Thanks for the read!

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