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Dev Diary: Servitor Jake the Trailer Bot

Dev Diary: Servitor Jake the Trailer Bot

Posted on Nov 24, 15 By w40admin

This week our very own Servitor Jake (Or Jake Dobbie if you really wanted to know) will be writing about the trailers and videos he’s worked on for Warhammer 40,000: Regicide. Jake is responsible for such wonderful works like our Launch Trailer and is working on another video right now! Jake has been on hiatus from the hobby from some time but is another member of the Hammerfall team who has been indoctrinated by the Tau.

Hello fine King Slayers, of Regicide. It is none other than I, the great Grandmaster Servitor Jake your local video editor extraordinaire, I have been requisitioned by Savark to tell you all a little about how I go about making the awesome trailers that you guys view with your eye holes and congest with your brain sockets, that’s if your mind can stomach the pure awesome factor of the best trailers your petty human conscience will ever see.

The trailer process is one that is filled with trials of pain, torture and crying lots of crying. It is also one of the most fun filled jobs you could possibly have, sifting through over three-hundred clips of the same ork doing the same kill but somehow it’s different, you know it’s the same but somewhere deep inside you know that it’s different, it has to be, otherwise you wouldn’t have over three-hundred clips of that said Ork. The planning process of a trailer is quite simple. We look at what other trailers other games have, see what works see what doesn’t then we browse our fine selection of game clips we have and make a slap comp based on the theme on the trailer. For example if it’s a kills trailer then I will slap together a brief “SlapComp” which is not final footage, but enough to get the feel and timing of what we want, and with that submit it to get approval.

Once I have that approval it's off to my servitor station to begin recording and capturing new gameplay, as not all the time we have what we need, so most of the time it’s me capturing three-hundred clips of the same ork kill, for a minute trailer, or even maybe three-hundred clips of the same space marine kill or even four-hundred clips of me trying to rotate the map in 360 in a solid smooth pan, only to think I have done it right and be told that it’s good but do it again. as I sink into my chair, my despair rises like Valkyrie ready for take off and my hope dwindles like the fate of mankind during this dark millennium. But I know that I must persevere, and like a Commissar emerging from the depths, my morale is boosted and I am kicked back
 into high gear. I hand in the final draft and I see the thumbs up of approval bestowed upon my lightly bearded face, and slow glistening tears emerge from my dear tear ducts of happiness. I have done it, One trailer down, For the community, for the fans, I have done it!

But I digress, the best part of the job is seeing the fans enjoy the trailers I make for them, seeing reactions like “OH DAMN, that was awesome” and “Oh Cool Ultramarines” makes my day, as I know that I have done something great for this community that has accepted me with open arms, as much as I have accepted them in much the same way, I would never want to do anything else, despite the stress or the late nights this is my life, and I enjoy every moment of it with the utmost glee!

Stay Frosty
- Servitor Jake

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