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Regicide Update 2.4.0

Regicide Update 2.4.0

Posted on Feb 01, 16 By w40admin



+ The Artillery ability can no longer critically strike.
+ Deffgun Volley IP cost increased to 2. Deffgun Volley now has a fixed Strength score.
+ Tactical Marine WS down to 4 from 5.
+ Cybork Body cooldown down from 8 to 6. IP cost increased to 2 from 1.
+ Go Fasta warmup time has been reduced from 4 rounds to 2 rounds.
+ Null Zone IP cost now 1; Null Zone no longer affects allied units.
+ Rokkit Slam bug has been fixed, it now correctly hits itself at Strength 4 and enemies at Strength 6.



First up in our line of changes is the infamous Ork Artillery. The powerful combination of Artillery, Green Is Best and Iron Gob was an oppressive force in multiplayer matches, where an unsuspecting player could find their king taking upwards of 10 points of damage in a single turn.
Though this tactic was not infallible (and indeed could be counterplayed without too much trouble by a skilled player), it dictated the pace of the game too easily with very little effort from the Ork player. To this end, we've removed the ability to critically strike with Artillery. While it can still be a punishing alpha-strike, it will no longer be as brutal as it was previously.
Next up is Deffgun Volley. Deffgun Volley is going through a few changes - Firstly, it now has a fixed Strength score, so it hits at a Loota's base strength regardless of any buffs. Secondly, it is now slightly more accurate but costs 2 IP.
Tactical Marine Weapon Skill has returned to its original value of 4. We want to increase the value of moving out your specialist units vs. turtling up and whittling down the enemy with Tactical Marines. Firing lines are still completely valid (especially with Chapter Banner), but now there's more incenctive to bring the back-line units forward and into the fray.
That's all for this week - stay tuned for more updates in the future.
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