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Patch 1.3

Patch 1.3

Posted on Jul 28, 15 By w40admin


Patch 1.3 Is Live!

The newest patch for Warhammer 40,000: Regicide is officially live!
Armor Tiers are now available as well as new sound effects have been added so that Boltgun fire sounds just as devastating as it should and best of all the battlefield remains bloodier for longer.
A plethora of new unit and player abilities have been added in this patch in an effort to make the Space Marines and Orks more diverse and play very differently. The Orks now behave more like a mob of animalistic hooligans, their abilities having a chance to be a detriment rather than a boon whereas the Space Marines now act as an army of heroes.
This patch also includes the Beta version of the Armoury. This means the Exp you earn from now on will be persistent and recorded. When you level up you will earn points to spend on unlocking abilities to customize the way you play, you can unlock and assign skills within the armoury.
Finally, we are very excited to announce the first Act of the Campaign where you can finally meet Captain Dracomedes and Librarian Baldassar as they hunt the vile Orks on Hethgar Prime! The first act contains ten lovingly crafted missions that show the Captain’s vicious hunt of the Orks and the Weirdboy Zugtoof.
If you've not yet purchased the game it is available in Early Access through the Steam Store here for Windows. We hope you enjoy playing this game as much as we enjoy working on it!

Patch Notes


  • Act I of the Campaign
  • Beta Version of the Armoury
  • Tiered Cosmetic Awards for Orks and Space Marines
  • New Player and Unit Abilities
  • New Audio and Visual FX
  • Unlocked Player Experience and Skill Points Systems


  • Loadouts for each race vs race combination on the left; available player abilities on the right
  • Assign abilities by selecting them and then clicking on a slot in the loadouts on the left
  • Unlock Player Abilities via expending Skill Points
  • Loadouts selected in the Armoury are now used in Multiplayer and Skirmish Regicide matches


  • Many capture animations now have new sound effects


  • Most Units Snap Shot’s sound FX have been updates
  • Bullet’s sound effects drop off at longer distances
  • Grenades now sound more boomy
  • Many ability sound updates
  • Many Capture sound updates
  • New Music Tracks for Victory, Defeat and Draw Scenarios

  • New Character Dialogue Lines

Bug Fixes

  • Accept and Decline buttons no longer appear when trying to load back into a Challenge match
  • If the King is in Check when one player leaves and then rejoins the Multiplayer match, the tile effect will now be present
  • Artifacts no longer appear around the white marker that shows where the player has moved to on the chessboard
  • Several “Second Login” issues have now been resolved
  • Classic: Health bars no longer switch on again after a capture
  • Fix to stop players loading into completed matches then going into the connection dropped state
  • Player ability hotkeys are now correctly labelled
  • Settings menu: F6 hotkey information for the settings menu has been removed (Esc already opens this menu)


  • New Ork and Space Marine Unit Abilities
  • Space Marine Bishop‘s Pin Them Down ability is now called Suppressing Fire
  • Space Marine Knight’s Moving Attack ability is now called Hammer of Wrath
  • Armour of Contempt is now called Iron Halo
  • Unyielding is now called Artificer Armour
  • Orks! Orks! Orks! is now called Kustom Force Field


New Space Marine and Ork unit abilities available:
  • Librarian - Shockwave: A psychically-produced concussive blast that damages adjacent enemies.
  • Assault Marine - Krak Grenade: An implosive grenade for cracking open the heaviest armour.
  • Stormboy - Rokkit Slam: A rokkit-powered attack that damages the user and all units around him.
  • Loota - Mek’s Tools: The Loota scraps together some additional armour for an adjacent ally.

New Space Marine and Ork player abilities available:
Space Marines

  • Auspex: Unit engages its Auspex scanner, increasing the accuracy of itself and nearby allies.
  • Chapter Banner: Place a chapter banner down, bolstering the Weapon Skill of nearby marines.


  • Grot-Prod: Whips a unit into a frenzy by prodding it with a powerful zapper, damaging it and increasing its critical hit chance.
  • Green Iz Best: Unit is filled with confidence by surrounding units, gaining Weapon Skill and Strength for each adjacent ally.



  • Updated Promotion UI
  • Promotion UI now represents locked out choices
  • Small general fixes (e.g. extended length of enemy player name)
  • Ability costs represented on the ability buttons
  • “Press space to skip” - text is now capitalised and smaller
  • Weapon strength swords icon replaced with machine gun icon
  • Tooltips when hovering over menu buttons have been moved so that they do not cover the button


  • Consequence plinks now show for units that have died
  • Consequence plinks are always shown at the same height
  • Chance to hit plinks have been reworked to always appear and they no longer stack up
  • Selecting a unit will show a sorted list of the current buffs on the unit. They have the ability name that caused the buff preceded by a “+”, e.g. “+GO TO GROUND”.


  • Improved settings UI
  • Disabled camera movement while settings is up
  • Small improvements to the Skirmish menu



  • Large blood stains now remain for several times longer
  • Smaller blood stains now stay on the map for twice as long
  • Oodles of effects added for new abilities

Effect Sequence Feedback updates:

  • Ork Bishop vs. Ork Rook killcam: camera is no longer off centre
  • Ork Bishop vs. Ork Knight killcam: camera no longer shakes after the Knight has been killed
  • Ork Rook vs. Ork Bishop killcam: camera is no longer too close
  • Ork Queen vs. Ork Knight killcam: southwest camera transition no longer finishes too close to the Queen
  • Ork Queen’s fingers no longer clip through its staff during the idle pose

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