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Patch 1.1

Patch 1.1

Posted on Oct 19, 15 By w40admin

Since we went live on May 4th, we’ve been taking in hundreds of suggestions, support requests and wishlists - and have added many of them to our own roadmap. This forum is just a drop compared to the long emailed lists of detailed requests coming through our support link, but we appreciate every bit. We've been online quite a lot! The organic process of taking in your feedback and treating it seriously is really important to us.


There have been a few background account and text related fixes along the way that you might have noticed in your Steam Library, but didn't necessarily notice in-game.


Our development roadmap is a constantly evolving beast, but with this first round of suggested features, bugfixes and updates we’re one step closer to landing the exciting single-player campaign and extra content features. We have tried our best to prioritise what you want - where we can achieve it - and there’s plenty more to come!



+ 16:10 Support for UI overlay

+ New in-game ESC Menu graphics

+ Exiting/resigning from a multiplayer match no longer tells you that your save will be deleted.

+ Tooltips added to unit statistic displays.

+ ‘Friends’ (Battle Brothers) functionality implemented


Balance Tweaks:

+ Base ranged to-hit chance increased to 40, increasing overall chance to hit with ranged attacks.

+ Armour of Contempt and Orks! Orks! Orks! cooldown increased from 4 to 5

+ Assail and Squig Bomb cooldown increased from 5 to 6



+ Added fanfares in the Results splash screen

+ Many updated capture sounds

+ Snap Shot shield impact sounds added


Animation and VFX:

+ Fixed ‘enemy unknown bug’ (hits could visually miss, misses could hit)

+ Bullet anti-magnet makes determined misses actually miss their target.

+ Bullet magnet improved to avoid visual misses when a hit is determined.

+ Units no longer flinch if a shot misses.



+ Player presence indicator added to in game avatar and match list

+ + Green - In match

+ + Yellow - Unknown/Not seen for 5 minutes

+ + Red - Not in match/Not seen for 20 minutes

+ Can now directly challenge friends from the dropdown in the match setup page

+ + Known issue:

+ + + X button functionality/dialogues currently display same messages regardless of whether you are the sender or receiver of a challenge


Codex Engine:

+ Critical chance is now additive rather than factorial. It is no longer dependent on the attacker’s skill or the opponent’s toughness, and all units have a base chance of zero.

+ Fixed ‘Skynet bug’ - Regicide AI self-awareness bug at higher difficulties has been fixed; the advent of the Dark Age of Technology has potentially been thwarted.


General Bug Fixes:

+ Fixed a crash on replaying a Skirmish game against Novice AI

+ Enemy killcams now work correctly if player killcams are disabled but enemy cameras are enabled.

+ Space Marine and Ork Pawns no longer trigger two death reports when killed by Snap Shot.

+ Crash no longer occurs when selecting a piece then restarting the Regicide Tutorial

+ Bishop vs. Queen captures now work correctly at variable ranges - the Bishop no longer moves to the adjacent square first.

+ Classic Tutorial - Final dialog box now uses the start/end dialog box instead of the standard dialog box.

+ Players can now close the Welcome menu screen by pressing Esc

+ Camera tutorial now functions for PC’s running the game at a low frame rate

+ Players can now press Spacebar to skip the Camera tutorial prompts (excluding the Backspace and final prompt)

+ Space Marine Rook no longer fires into the ground at the end of the Snap Shot ability

Ork Rook no longer has incorrect unit abilities

+ Weather effects are no longer doubled during killcams

+ Skipping the Snap Shot animation no longer causes the unit to slide very slightly in the direction it fired in

+ Skipping the Space Marine Queen vs. Ork Pawn killcam in the Regicide Tutorial no longer causes the Queen to teleport to one square away for the attack and walk slowly to the Pawn’s square

+ Space Marine Queen no longer walks to the adjacent tile before attacking in ranged captures

+ Players can no longer press Esc to open the Pause menu during the King vs. King animations, or while on the Results screen



+ Support for four popular 16:10 resolutions added.

+ The game no longer allows resolutions larger than supported by detected monitors.

+ Added 2560x1440 (16:9) and 2560x1600 (16:10)

Known issues:

+ Regicide Tutorial menu buttons can be pressed in some states - doing so will hang the tutorial

+ Matches panel in the Multiplayer menu is larger

+ Results screen may be slightly cut off on either side

+ Letterbox effect disappears after completing a Tutorial and returning to the Training menu


Try out the new features, try to break them, and let us know how you go! If you’d like to send us feedback about anything you find, you can use [email protected] to contact us directly


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