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Warhammer 40,000: Regicide Update 3.0

Warhammer 40,000: Regicide Update 3.0

Posted on May 19, 16 By w40admin

++ 3.0 Patch notes ++


Greeting Loyal Imperial Citizens!

We're excited to bring you patch 3.0 at long last!
This patch contains huge balance overhaul in the form of Faction Specfic Rules which gives every Chapter and Klan their own unique playing style, more on that below.
This patch also includes our first three DLC additions, The Green Tide Campaign which tells the story of Regicide's villan Gobklaw's rise to power, the new Ork faction The Blood Axes who use "Kunnin' 'umie taktiks" ti fight and finally the new level the Imperial Garrison which is an absoloute stunner.
All this DLC is totally free for the next 12 days too, jump on it while you can!

Read on below for a comprehensive guide for all the new updates, balance changes and features introduced in this patch!


+Universal account
++Any and all data will now be fully playable from any iOS device! Switch between devices at will or play against your friends on an iOS device from your PC!
+Asynchronous play
++A totally new queue for playing on the go! Async games allow players up to 24 hours to make their move rather than 2-minutes. Perfect to play Regicide any time. Or simply jump back into timed match for a quick game!
+The Imperial Garrision map is available
++This content is free for the next twelve days!
+The Green Tide Campaign is available
++This content is free for the next twelve days!
+Blood Axes are now available 
++This content is free for the next twelve days!
+Random Map Rotations


+Faction Specfic Rules
  • Blood Angels
    • All units have a +1 modifer to assault
  • Raven Guard
    • All units lose Go To Ground
    • All units gain Stealth
    • Librarian looses Shockwave
    • Librarian gains access to Smite
  • Dark Angels
    • Dark Angel Terminators are now proper members of the Deathwing and have +1 Weapon Skill and Health
    • Librarian gains +1 Weapon Skill
    • DeathWing Terminators have access to the Take Aim ability
  • Ultramarines
    • Tactical Marines have access to Know no Fear
    • Tactical, Assault, Devestator, Terminator marines and Queen units all have +1 Weapon Skill
  • Space Wolves
    • Blood Claws, Longfangs, Wolf Guard, Rune Priests and Wolf Lords have -1 Weapon skill
    • SkyClaws -2 Weapon skill
    • Wolf lord has access to War Cry
    • Long fangs lose Supressing Fire
    • Long Fangs lose Take Aim
    • Long Fangs gain Split Fire
    • All units do have a +2 modifer to assault
  • White Scars
    • All units have Hammer of Wrath
    • White Scars Storm Seers loose Life Leech
    • White Scars loose Take Aim
  • Goffs
    • All units do have a +1 modifer to assault
  • Evil Sunz
    • Stormboyz loose Stikkbomb
    • Stormboyz have access to Iron Gob
    • Warboss gain Hammer of Wrath
    • Meganobs lose Iron Gob
    • Meganobs gain Hammer of Wrath
  • Snakebites
    • Shootas, Stormboyz and Lootas all have -1 Armor
    • Shootas, Stormboyz and Lootas all have +1 Weapon Strength
    • Lootas have -1 Weapon Skill
    • Shootas and Stormboyz loose Stikkbombs
    • Shootas, Lootas, Meganobz, Stormboyz and the Warboss gain Heavy Stomp
    • Ork Weirdboy loses Go Fasta
    • Ork Weirdbiy gains access to Shockwave
  • DeathSkullz
    • Lootas gain +1 Armor and Weapon Skill
    • Mehanobs have -2 Health
    • Lootas lose Mek's Tools
    • Lootas gain access to Kustom Force Field
    • Meganobs gain access to Kombi-Rocket
  • Bad Moonz
    • Warboss gains access to More Dakka
    • Meganobs lose Iron Gob
    • Meganobs Gain Flash Git
    • Meganobs gain Dead 'Ard
    • Lootas lose Mek's Tools
    • Lootas lose More Dakka
    • Lootas gain Flash Git
    • Lootas gain More Dakka
    • Shootas gain More Dakka
++When you enter a multiplayer map now you'll enter on of several maps we've set up instead of the same board layout. Prepare your tactics in advance!

++End Transmission++

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