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Early Access Update 1.3.1

Early Access Update 1.3.1

Posted on Oct 19, 15 By w40admin

Greetings Kingslayers!


We have a small Hotfix to tide you over before our release on August 26th.




Skirmish victory give full XP (as if you killed all enemies) like multiplayer.

Resigned games should now give XP as if the player who didn’t resign won.

Fixed issue where players only levelled up after passing the XP required for a level, not if they landed on it

Fix a visual issue in results screen where sometimes the players XP starting level/xp during the count up was in fact based of their new total XP, not the XP from the start of the match - so the values were to high.

Resigned games should now gives XP as if the player who didn’t resign won.



Fixed all the issues with abilities re-locking and the incorrect number of available skill points being displayed.



Fixed issue where offline players would be unable to continue at the end of a campaign match.



Fixed a crash that occurred only when drawing a match against a random opponent



Fix for a crash that could occur if friends online status changed exactly as you start loading into a level.



Multiplayer menu exception has been fixed. Hopefully this means the issue for some players that have been unable to start matches is now fixed, but we've been unable to reproduce this issue to be able to confirm, so further testing is required.

Offline XP is now saved


Thanks for taking the time to read our update notes. If you ever want to contact the dev team - we're always here to listen. Email us using - [email protected]


See you on the battlefield!


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