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Update 2.3.0

Update 2.3.0

Posted on Nov 16, 15 By w40admin



Greetings Kingslayers!

Update 2.3.0 is now live! This update brings a slew of balance changes, making the strongboyz proper Orky, and coincides with our double XP weekend! You'll earn double XP for Skirmish AI and Online battles you fight from now until 10 AM Tuesday, November 17 (PST)!

Go forth and slaughter the Xenos now, for The Emperor!

Patch Notes:

+Increased Ork Lootas Weapon Skill from 2 to 4
+Increased Deffgun Volley hit chance to 52%
+Increased Cybork Body Cooldown from 6 to 8
+Reduced Null Zone Cost from 3 to 2
+Reduced Null Zone Cooldown to 5
+Captains, Assault Marines and Stormboyz have had their Snap Shot range increased to 3

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