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Hotfix 2.0.1

Hotfix 2.0.1

Posted on Oct 19, 15 By w40admin


Greetings Kingslayers,


We’ve been working tirelessly over the weekend to bring you an update to our AI. After rigorous testing and help from community members we’re pleased to announce a hotfix to AI hit chance ratios. As many of you have experienced AI was able to consistently land attacks despite routinely low hit chances; this was an unintended side effect of updates to the AI’s chess based decision making capabilities and has thus been fixed.


Online accounts can receive the fix by simply logging on, no download required, if you’re currently online log off and on to receive the fix. Offline accounts will be updated during our official update later this week.


Thanks to all our community members who helped by reporting this issue on Steam and Helpdesk. - See more at:


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