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Launch - Update 2.0

Launch - Update 2.0

Posted on Oct 19, 15 By w40admin


Hail Kingslayers!


After months of meticulous production and integrating features requested by fans, Regicide is moving out of Early Access into full release. The full game includes new factions for Space Marines and Orks, Acts II and III of the epic campaign written by Games Workshop author Ross Watson and a veritable bombardment of new gameplay features, enhancements and refinements!


Assault Animations

See your Assault Marines and Stormboyz tear into their opponents!


Multiple Tiers

Earn the ability to customize the way your army looks by levelling up and unlocking new tiers of armour for your favourite armies units!


Local Vs Mode (Hotseat)

Satisfy your thirst for war offline! You can challenge your friends and family offline with our hotseat multiplayer mode!



Think you’re a pro at Chess or Regicide? See how you stack up on our leaderboards!


New Localisation!

Play Warhammer 40,000: Regicide in your language! We’ve added in localisation for German, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Spanish, Swedish and Polish - with more languages to come!



Compare your victories on the Global Leaderboards or compete with your friends in the Friends Leaderboard!


New Space Marine chapters

The mysterious ‘Dark Angels’ Space Marine Chapter joins the fight for Hethgar Prime, alongside the rebellious ‘Space Wolves’ and disciplined ‘Ultramarines’ Chapters!


New Ork Clans

Warboss Gobklaw has brought some of his thieving Death Skull and speed obsessed Evil Sunz allies to join his WAAAGH!


The war has spilled into the city of Hethgar Prime! Take command as the Space Marines and Orks battle in the streets!


You can now play the epic Warhammer 40,000: Regicide campaign, skirmish against the AI and win the war for Hethgar completely offline!


We’re hope you’re as excited as we are for full release! Check out our new launch trailer below!


YouTube™ Video: Warhammer 40,000: Regicide - Launch Trailer


++ STEAM STORE: OUT NOW - Warhammer 40,000: Regicide is now available on Steam!


See you on the battlefield!


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