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Update 2.1.0

Update 2.1.0

Posted on Oct 19, 15 By w40admin

Update_Banner_04.pngGreetings Kingslayers,


We’re proud to announce our first official post-launch update which includes changes to player progression, game balance, AI improvements as well as some minor bug fixes. Earlier this week we released an AI hotfix, improving the method it was using to calculate its hits and misses in Campaign and Skirmish modes for anyone logged in. With this update, the fix will now be available to offline users.


You’ll see faster progression of their Requisition points in both Multiplayer and Campaign modes, earning larger amounts for winning matches and completing objectives. This means you will be able to unlock new factions at a quicker rate and bring their favourite chapters or clans to the battlefield even sooner.


Don’t think we’ve forgotten about the people who have already played through the campaign: This weekend we’ll be doing a Requisition and Experience Point Giveaway - Players who log in will be rewarded 8000 Experience and 2000 Requisition points to make up for any they would have otherwise missed out on.


We’ve also made numerous changes to both Orks and Space Marines, including buffs to both Space Marine accuracy and a handful of abilities, as well as scaling back some of the Orks’ more overwhelming abilities. For a full list of changes, please refer to the Patch Notes below.



Otakua | Game Designer



+ Added mouseover and select effects on GUI buttons

+ ABLTY_NO_NAME in Tutorial updated

+ Added description to ABLTY_NO_NAME in Tutorial

+ New “locked” icon for Grot Prod

+ Opening the Armoury now defaults to the Loadouts tab

+ Unit statistics in the Campaign and Armoury now use a list format

+ Tooltips are now present when hovering over the Tutorial questions



+ Updates to AI decision making capabilities

+ Increased Standard Novice AI difficulty

+ Increased Standard Intermediate AI difficulty

+ Increased Standard Expert AI difficulty



+ Draws now award XP

+ Re-evaluated Requisition awards for Primary and Secondary Objectives

++ Primary Objectives in Act I now award 120 Requisition while Secondaries award 80

++ Primary Objectives in Act II now award 240 Requisition while Secondaries award 160

++ Primary Objectives in Act III now award 360 Requisition while Secondaries award 240



+ Increased Requisition awards per online victory from 100 to 250



+ Skirmish VS AI now awards the correct amount of Requisition

++ Increase Requisition awards from Veteran Master victories from 100 to 200

++ Increase Requisition awards from Master victories from 100 to 175

++ Increase Requisition awards from Expert victories from 100 to 150

++ Increase Requisition awards from Intermediate victories from 100 to 125

++ Increase Requisition awards from Novice victories from 100 to 100



+ Space Marine

++ Increased the Weapon Skill of all Space Marine units by 1

+++ Tactical Marines, Assault Marines, Devastators and Terminators Weapon Skill increased to 5

+++ Librarians Weapon Skill increased to 6

+++ Captains Weapon Skill increased to 7

+ Orks

++ Reduced the Weapon Skill of Lootas from 3 to 2



+ Space Marine

++ Increased Narthecium Cooldown from 4 to 6

++ Increased Chapter Banner Weapon Skill boost from 2 to 3

++ Reduced Angel Of Death Cooldown from 8 to 6

++ Increased Artificer Armour Percent Gain to 40%

++ Righteous Fury

+++ Reduced Cooldown from 6 to 3

+++ Reduced Initiative Points Awarded from 2 to 1

+ Ork

++ Reduced Iron Gob Critical Chance from 100 to 75

++ Reduced Green Iz Best Duration from 4 to 3

++ Kunnin’ Gits

+++ Added a Charge Time of 3

+++ Increased Initiative Point Cost from 1 to 2

+++ Reduced Armour Damage from 2 to 1



+ Terminator V Pawn Capture

+ Units flinch when hit by Rokkit Slam



+ Added mouseover and select effects to all GUI buttons

+ Shields now play audio when deactivated

+ Knight Assaults & Hammer of Wrath now affected by effects volume in the Settings menu

+ Stormboyz now use an activation phrase when using Rokkit Slam



+ Update Localisation - All languages

+ Added missing Cyrillic characters

+ Polish load screen hints are no longer in English


Bug Fixes

+ Fixed a side effect of updates to the AI’s chess based decision making

+ Fixed a bug on Campaign Mission 1 of Act 1 where the game would freeze

+ Fixed a bug where the game would hang at the end of Campaign Mission 1 of Act 1

+ Resolved and issues causing a NullReferenceException in Act 2 Mission 10

+ Act 2 Mission 13 & 14 secondary objectives now unlock correctly

+ Fixed an issue where some Secondary Objective would show 0 XP as a reward in the Campaign menu

+ Fixed an issue where players couldn’t select factions in the armoury after signed in and out

+ Fixed Requisition not being awarded correctly in Skirmish

+ Fixed an issue where Pawns and Bishops would disappears on death after snapshot and assaults

+ Offline games now correctly display error messages when trying to unlock factions if an issue arrises

+ Fixed an issues where Mission 14 of Act 2 failed to complete

+ Character persistent effects now correctly turn off when pieces are killed

+ Units now correctly use contextual negative audio

+ Fixed blood stains persisting across matches

+ Ultramarine texture fixes

+ Fixed an issue where purchasing a faction centralises the factions in the drop down box

+ “Best AI Beaten” now fits in a single line

+ Inverted the Commlink scroll bar to be consistent with other menus

+ FIxed an issue where in some cases models remained visible on the loading screen

+ Updated Bad Moons Unlock process

+ Hour or more long matches now show the correct time

+ Fixed an issue where AI difficulty would no longer be toggleable after entering the map select menu

+ Multiplayer Match Timer no longer appears during opponent’s turn when the other player has used up all of their Initiative Points

+ Fixed an issue where resigning a match on the opponent's turn from the match list does not update the match information correctly for the opponent

+ Selecting a piece affected by Green Tide now shows the correct ability name

+ The Player is now able to select factions in the armoury when playing offline

+ A Tooltip is no longer shown when the player closes the Settings & Friends List menu via the cross

+ Requisition is now earned in skirmish matches

+ Macedonia and Madagascar have now been separated in the account creation list

+ Fixed an issue where changing language during a skirmish doesn't change the AI name

+ Locked Grot-Prod in the Armoury now uses the correct icon

+ Correct faction icon and image is now shown for Bad Moons

+ Boss Pole now correctly triggers sounds and plinks when activated

+ Correct XP earned is shown when the Daily Reward multiplier has gone up


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