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Hotfix 2.2.1

Hotfix 2.2.1

Posted on Oct 27, 15 By w40admin


Hail Kingslayers!

We’re releasing a small update today which will resolve some issues with playing with player’s on your Friend’s list.

This includes a problem where if you tried to cancel a game the client would hang until your friend responded to the challenge.

This update just happens to coincide with our second double XP long weekend! Players will earn double the experience for kills and captures in both Skirmish AI and competitive Online matches!

Earn upto 3200 XP versing random online opponents and 2720 XP for wins versus our Veteran Master AI. Players can also brush up on their skills and earn 2240, 1760, 1280 and 800 in Master, Expert, Intermediate and Novice matches respectively.

We hope you enjoy dominating your friends far more efficiently in Warhammer 40,000: Regicide.

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