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Patch 2.2.0

Patch 2.2.0

Posted on Oct 19, 15 By w40admin


Hail Kingslayers,


We’re pleased to bring you update 2.2.0 for Warhammer 40,000: Regicide! Alongside our new update which increases the difficulty of the AI, we’re also bringing you our “DOUBLE REXP” weekend, so during the weekend, online accounts will receive double Requisition AND double XP for wins in both online and Skirmish matches!


Players will be awarded up to 500 Requisition and up to 3200 XP for PvP, 400 Requisition and 2720 XP for Veteran Master, 350 Requisition and 2240 XP for Master, 300 Requisition and 1760 XP for Expert, 250 Requisition and 1280 XP for Intermediate & 200 Requisition and 800 XP for



This event will span from 6 p.m Friday (+10 UTC) and runs across the weekend globally!



Chris (Larkin) | Community Manager


First Up: Updates 2.2.0



+ Added contextual Escape Key Functions

+ Models in Campaign, Armoury, Skirmish, Multiplayer and Post-Match Results Menus updated to images for improved load times.

+ Replaced stretched Faction Selector Sprite in Armoury Menu

+ Added safeframe to ability window



+ Added New Lines to Campaign Act 3 Mission 11



+ Mirror match up will result in the enemy faction being changed to a different faction



+ Increased the difficulty of Intermediate to Master AI in Regicide mode



+ Space Marine

++ Devastators

+++ Reduced Strength from 5 to 4

+++ Increase base Snapshot damage from 0 to 1

++ Assault Marines

+++ Increased base Assault damage from 0 to 1

+++ Reduced Snapshot Range from 3 to 2

++ Terminators

+++ Increased base Assault damage from 0 to 1

++ Captain

+++ Increased base Assault damage from 0 to 1

+ Orks

++ Lootas

+++ Reduced Strength from 5 to 4

+++ Increased base Snapshot damage from 0 to 1

+++ Reduced base Assault damage from 2 to 0

++ Stormboy

+++ Reduced Snapshot Range from 3 to 2



+ Space Marine

++ Increased the Critical Bonus of Auspex from 25 to 33 percent

++ Increased the Armour Bonus of Artificer Armour from 1 to 2

++ Artificer Armour no longer scales with a unit’s current armour value

+ Orks

++ Increased the buff/debuff value of the Da Green Tide from 1 to 2

++ Increased the Duration of Furious Charge from 3 to 4

++ Increased the Strength of Rokkit Slam from 4 to 6

++ Increased the Self Damage of Rokkit Slam from 4 to 7

++ Increased the IP Cost of Rokkit Slam from 1 to 2

++ Increased the Strength Modifier of Deffgun Volley from 0 to 2

++ Reduced the Range of Kunnin’ Gits from 8 to 2

++ Increased the Armour Damage of Kunnin’ Gits from 1 to 2

++ Green Iz Best now constantly evaluates for adjacent friendly units while active



+ Skipping the SM Rook vs. Ork Queen killcam no longer cause part of the animation to freeze

+ Thunderfire/Mekgun Bombard - Flinch no longer occurs as soon as the ability is used



+ Death moans are now present when killing a unit with an ability

+ Button Mouseover and Select are now controlled by UI & Master Volume settings



+ All Languages - Player stats message is no longer cut off when playing

+ All Languages - Update error message has now been localised

+ French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian - Various spelling, punctuation and capitalisation fixes in

+ French, German, Spanish, Italian & Russian - Unit information is no longer cut off in the unit detail panel

+ French, German, Spanish, Italian & Russian - Various unit information formatting issues have been fixed in the unit detail panel

+ German - Theron is no longer named “Tactical1” in Campaign missions

+ German - Best AI difficulty beaten statistic no longer underlaps in the Armoury

+ Russian - Text no longer bleeds out of the dialog box when asking the player to select the ‘There Is Only War’ ability

+ French - Restart button no longer shows the restart confirmation message

+ French - Campaign menu - Act 3 is no longer called Campaign Act 2 in the drop down box

+ French - Multiplayer menu - Text is no longer cut off on the Create New Game button

+ French - Leaderboards - Friends leaading” text is no longer in English

+ Spanish - Various spelling mistderboards “loakes in the Campaign have been fixed

+ Most text clipping issues have been fixed in the Regicide, Classic, Camera and HUD tutorials (some are still to be confirmed)


Bug Fixes

+ XP is no longer lost when a player resigns or disconnects from a timed multiplayer match

+ Fixed an issue where Campaign Missions were incorrectly awarding Requisition

+ The Angel of Death ability no longer displays incorrectly on Ork enemies

+ Unit detail and map panels no longer overlap when changing to a Challenge Friend match

+ Changing the language while creating a Vs. Human match no longer changes the button to "Novice"

+ Settings tooltip no longer gets stuck during the Regicide Tutorial

+ Changing to tier 1 units no longer displays tier 2 avatar and information

+ Pawn promotion information now disappears when selecting another piece

+ Various Move History panel bugs have been fixed

+ Artificer Armour no longer scales with a unit’s armour value

+ Fixed a bug where Campaign Checkmate Objectives were not triggering XP and Requisition rewards

+ Fixed an issue where the AI would honorably commit suicide with health based abilities


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